Since 1993, we have dedicated ourselves to learning about and mastering active investment management. Our approach is based on a simple insight:

By definition, earning α means doing what no one else is doing. This requires not only analytical firepower, but also creativity and intuition.

To do this consistently we believe there are three critical functions necessary for success:

  1. Understanding…understanding the world for what it is, not what we would prefer it to be.

  2. Decisiveness…being decisive with our understanding.

  3. Learning…learning from our successes and failures.

Critically, each of these functions requires significantly different skill sets.

To improve our understanding of the world requires improved idea generation/creativity; proprietary analytical techniques; ways of mitigating or avoiding behavioral bias; and techniques for conducting management interviews, among many things.

Whereas, improving our decisiveness involves examining our own investor psychology and our relationship to ourselves. In order to improve these things requires coaching-like insights.

Last, learning from our successes and failures, including use of proprietary methods, is how we get better faster than our competition gets better.

For each of these critical functions we have developed diagnostics to identify which may be impeding your firm’s success, as well as solutions for each critical function. Our ability to help you ranges from working with individual team members, up through helping construct an investment management firm built for long-term success and that exalts your investment philosophy, not hinders it. Unleash your mind to unleash α!

OUR Mission

We wake up every day trying to help investment professionals and their active investment management firms to be better at what they do and to better serve society.

Jason has shared many thought-provoking perspectives on finance and economics, but he’s also exhibited a passionate intellect when he’s touched upon topics concerning how the finance industry can do better. I have always appreciated Jason for the grace and humanity he brings to the demanding, sometimes unforgiving, world of finance. He’s a very respectful and kind professional who excels at communicating complex issues that affect investors and investment professionals.
— Skot Kortje, Equity Market Analyst
I was looking for a person to address the topic of creativity in investing, and, as Jason literally wrote the book on the subject, he was the logical choice. Our whole team was impressed by Jason’s ability to engage with his audience and deliver complex concepts effortlessly and memorably.
— Serge Tjanga, Managing Director, Emerging Sovereign Group
Jason is a visionary thinker...As a futurist I find it hard to find deep thinkers who can see into the future without being tied down to current thought, positions and structures. Jason is not restricted by, or tolerant of conventional thinking.
— David Houle, Futurist

What We've Achieved

  • Besting the S&P 500 by over 40% as co-Portfolio Manager of the Davis Appreciation & Income Fund.

  • Moving a Morningstar 2-star rated mutual fund to a 5-star rated fund.

  • Lipper #1 certificates.

  • Morningstar Analyst Pick and Lipper Leader designations.

  • One of the first ten funds awarded Stewardship Grade “A” by Morningstar.

  • Authoring of the first book that describes how to improve intuition in investing, The Intuitive Investor.

  • Authoring the industry’s first Investment Idea Generation Guide.

  • History’s first scientific research and formalization of lie detection in the investment industry.