I am the founder and CEO of•A•I•M•CONSULTING and am a lifelong advocate for active investment management, and I know that it is possible to best the performance of indices and benchmarks consistently. This is borne out by both my career, and deep-dive research into what investment pros need to do to earn α.

Most famously I was co-portfolio manager of the Davis Appreciation & Income Fund which bested the S&P 500 by 49.1% during my tenure. The fund earned both a Lipper #1 rating, as well as 5-stars from Morningstar. It was named a Lipper Leader, Morningstar Analyst Pick, and was one of the first 10 funds awarded Stewardship Grade “A” by Morningstar.

More recently I was the Director of Content for CFA Institute’s 150,000+ global investment professional members. My job was to curate and create difference-making content to make CFA Institute’s members the most competitive at their jobs. In this role I researched, project managed, and authored our industry’s first-ever Investment Idea Generation Guide, Lie Detection Guide: Theory and Practice for Investment Professionals, and the Meditation Guide for Investment Professionals.

My career in investment management has run the gamut from client-facing roles in the beginning of my career, to the back office, to investment consulting, to portfolio management, to author, to deep-dive researcher. This knowledge is precisely the expertise I believe is missing in most consulting engagements: a comprehensive understanding of all of the factors that detract from the ability to earn α and all of the missing opportunities to harvest α, too.

I have served as an official spokesperson for multiple organizations, as well as the mentor for hundreds of investment professionals. Additionally, many publications rely upon me for insight, or a great quote, including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, Financial Times, Marketplace Morning Report, BBC’s Today Programme, et al.

I earned my BA in Economics and MBA in Finance and Accounting from the University of Colorado, Boulder. I was awarded the CFA charter in 2000.